pillars (2020 ceramic)
pillars (2020ceramic)
LAND ○   / w405 x h275 mm  (2018 ceramic)​​​​​​​
LAND △   / w410 x h300 mm  (ceramic)​​​​​​​
LAND △   / w410 x h300 mm  (2018 ceramic)​​​​​​​
日 / w400 x h480 mm  (2016 ceramic)​​​​​​​
月  (2020 ceramic)​​​​​​​
magnetic, mimicry, metamorphose, merciful  (2013 ceramic)​​​​​​​
`They were learning to draw,’ the Dormouse went on, yawning and rubbing its eyes, for it was getting very sleepy; 
`and they drew all manner of things–everything that begins with an M–‘
`Why with an M?’ said Alice.`Why not?’ said the March Hare. Alice was silent...

`And so these three little sisters–they were learning to draw, you know–‘
`What did they draw?’ said Alice, quite forgetting her promise.
`Treacle,’ said the Dormouse, without considering at all this time.   
 [Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland]

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